What we do

Inspired by the transformative power of Yoga and travel, our story unfolds truly from the heart.  As a platform that connects talented Yoga teachers with passionate practitioners, our work grows from a deep rooting in the belief that the practice of Yoga and travel have the power to change lives for the better.  

We witness this transformation again and again during our events, observing the shift and blossoming that happens when we return to nature; when we practice Yoga and meditation daily and eat vibrant, life-giving  food. Our hearts and minds expand when we get to know a previously unknown land, and when we find ourselves surrounded by others who share our passions.  We unfurl and blossom when we quiet down, rest and create space for growth, reconnecting to an immense, intrinsic intelligence that is only waiting to be rediscovered.

Creating and holding space for these moments, igniting possibilities for more conscious living is at the heart of what we do. 

Retreat Planning and Consulting

Retreat Planning and Consulting

If you are a teacher or a studio planning a gorgeous retreat and you need some guidance, -we can help!

We know how challenging it can be to design a beautiful retreat, so that it becomes an unforgettable transformative experience for your students! 

We will work with you to develop the best retreat concept; select and negotiate with the best retreat-home, handle the booking and payment process, and take care of the retreat logistics. We offer targeted advice to teachers, studios, festivals, or brands, on any of these aspects of Yoga event design.


Our events take place in some of the world’s most beautiful spots!

We can advise you on the best location for your retreat, and connect you with our preferred location partners. 

We have several consulting packages available to suit your need! For more info, get in touch


Community Love

Community Love

We believe that our thoughts and values drive our actions, and our actions are responsible for the quality of the material world that surrounds us.

For this reason, we love to leverage the potential of our global Yoga community to raise awareness and funds for humanitarian causes, as well as to offer charity yoga classes.

If you have an urgent cause which you are supporting- please reach out- we would love to help!

We have fundraised, and donated proceedings from our retreats for the victims of the Balkan floods; Nepal Earthquake victims and Syrian refugees.

Both Dee and Lisa, the duo behind Supersoul.Yoga regularly teach free community Yoga classes at their respecitve home-bases in Zagreb, Croatia and Freiburg, Germany.



Digital Services

Digital Services

Our official photographer Sanjin Kaštelan, well known for his work with some of the world’s best Yoga Teachers such as Meghan Currie, Kino MacGregor and David Robson, is available for individualized photo shootings designed to share your innate radiance with the world!

Our graphic and web design team led by Goran Brezni, which codified Supersoul’s signature, bright, boho look, as well as Meghan Currie’s website is also available to work with you on creating a beautiful, personalized online or graphic presence.

Supersoul’s projects have always been sparked through serendipitous connections made with open minds and hearts!

feel free to contact us with your idea!

Add more soul in your life.

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