'BEING' - Yoga & Wellness, Weekend in Nature



start: Mar 1, 2024
end: Mar 3, 2024


May the lessons learned from this retreat contribute to the growth of all beings in all places.

There are so many seasons of and reasons for unquiet, chaos, and distraction in our lives—so many reasons to rush instead of pause, hustle instead of inhale—that the very way we move through life can become mechanical, like we’re on autopilot.

Retreating helps us to press pause on the autopilot. To take a deep inhale. To look back at all the work we have done thus far. To look at life and at ourselves—what needs are going unmet, what small, quiet longing refuses to subside, what’s working and what isn’t and maybe even why.

I lovingly crafted this yoga & wellness retreat to invite you to a safe & beautiful space in which we can reconnect with ourselves. Through the potent power of yogic practices, the support of community life and the embrace of the quiet surrounding nature we gather to simply remember how to become more present for ourselves. To focus the mind, soften the heart, and open our intuition. To attune to our inner being and learn to express the fullness of who we are.

To remember that there is nothing more foundational to which to return than ourselves.
Who is this retreat for?

Anyone interested in an experience of themselves. Anyone in need of a break from city life. Anyone in need of nature and stillness. Anyone curious about the wisdom of Yoga. Anyone in need of detox facilities: sauna, hottubs, clean nourishing food.


Dee Koprivc


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Supersoul founder. Dreamer and doer. Humbled Mama. Believer in inexplicable connections. Will live twice.    Dejana "Dee" Koprivc is a teacher, facilitator, DJ and event producer, world citizen, but above…



Example of Daily Schedule:

8:30am | Yoga:  Meditation, Mantra, Pranayama, Asana

11:00am | Brunch

Free time: sauna, hot tubs, nature walks, rest, dharma reading, community time.

5:00pm | Chanting, dancing, yogic philosophy or cacao ceremony

7: 30pm | Dinner

8: 30pm | Bonfire


Ekodrom is a magical place to gather and find peace. Just an hour and a half away from Zagreb, it is set in an idyllic and supremely private location. The estate is surrounded by forests, plum orchards, and green fields. Every house is equipped with a private Hot tub, but what I especially love about it are the community spaces, the Yoga shala, the dining areas, the barrel sauna, and the firepit under the stars. 

We return here again and again to enjoy the countryside life, to harness the wisdom of nature, spend time with likeminded humans, sharing food, stories, song and laughter. The stuff us humans have done since the olden age but recently we have been forgetting. 


Ekodrom villas are gorgeous, restored traditional cottages with beamed ceilings and wooden floors and stoves. Modernly equipped, each villa has its own kitchen, living room and a bathroom. You can chose to stay in a twin room, or share a double bed with a friend or family member.

Welcome to Supersoul.Yoga!

Supersoul = ‘Paramatman’ (परमात्मन्) or the Supereme Soul, exists in the hearts of all beings. (Bhagavad Gita)

Yoga teaches us to live fully, selflessly and gracefully. Creating and holding space for this process, igniting possibilities for more conscious living is at the heart of what we do.

2024 UPDATE: We have been so busy this year circling the globe, visiting the ancient lands, learning, and passing on the knowledge. As we near 2024, we are intentionally taking some time off to recalibrate and finetune our offerings and- please be patient and return to this page for more info soon.

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